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Dustin Phillips Weekend - Nov 17-19

Looking forward to another great weekend ahead with Dustin & Sheraton Phillips.  All are welcome - contact either the Potsdam /Massena office or email [email protected]/[email protected] for information and to sign up.

Following is the schedule for the weekend:


Friday, November 17th 

5:30pm  Mini Jazz

6:30pm  Mini Hip Hop

Saturday, Noveber 18th

9am  Jr Jazz

10am  Jr Hip Hop

11am  Jr Lyrical

12:30  Tn/Sr Warm Up

1:30  Tn/Sr Lyrical

2;30  Tn/Sr Hip Hop

3:30  Tn/Sr Jazz

4:30 Tn/Sr Tap (20min)

Sunday, November 19th

9am  Jr Jazz

10am  Jr Hip Hop

11am  Jr Lyrical

12:15  Tn/Sr Jazz Funk

1:15  Tn/Sr Lyrical

2;15  Tn/Sr Hip Hop

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Pre Kinder starting soon

@ Massena Studio  our Pre Kinder Dance Class for 2 year olds begins on Saturday, October 28th from 11:00-11:30am!  (This date was miscalculated previously, we apologize for any confusion!)  Please share this information with your friends, family, neighbors…anyone who might be interested in getting their little one involved in dance!

@ Potsdam Studio our  Pre Kinder Dance Class for 2 year olds begins on Wednesday, November 1st from 10:30-11:00am

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Incentive winners

Our September Incentive Winner is…Bella Jolley!

Thank You for bringing a friend to class!  We hope you enjoy your new TTSD blanket and popsocket!

Our Facebook contest share winners for our Back to Dance post are Heather Jock $50 gift certificate and Jessica Witherhead $100 gift certificate!  Thank You for all your support!

Our October Incentive is…

FOLLOW us on Facebook…We will be writing a “Why you LOVE to dance at Tap to Toe Studio of Dance” post, you must write under our status why you love to dance at TTSD, then share the status on your page!  Each share will be entered in to a raffle (the more times you share, the more times you are entered in to the raffle) to receive a COMPLIMENTARY recital costume!

Student of the Month

We would like to announce our STUDENT OF THE MONTH for September

@ our Massena Studio…Katie Cichetti!!

Katie is a mature, thoughtful, hard worker and is a responsible role model around the studio. She steps up to be a leader in her classes and often motivates her peers by demonstrating positive behavior. Katie is very polite to her classmates and to her teachers. She is always on time, prepared and ready to dance. Katie works her hardest and does not get discouraged. Her classmates look up to her and she is always excited to learn something new. Her teachers enjoy working with her very much. 

@ our Potsdam Studio ... TBA

CONGRATULATIONS to Katie and       on being named our September Students of the Month!

Successful Dustin Phillips Workshop Weekend!

Junior Workshop Participants

Teen/Senior Workshop Participants

Mini Workshop Participants


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