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Important Information

Zoom Schedule

House Zoom Schedules:

Mondays (5/4, 5/11 for now):

5:00-5:45pm Miss Shauna’s Combo Ballet and Tap

5:00-5:45pm Coach Joey’s Advanced Acro

5:45-6:15pm Miss Jamie’s Mini Lyrical 

6:15-6:45pm Miss Jamie’s Mini Jazz

6:45-7:15pm Miss Jamie’s Junior Lyrical 

7:15-7:45pm Miss Jamie’s Junior Jazz

Tuesdays (5/5, 5/12 for now):

5:00-5:45pm Miss Brettany’s Combo Ballet and Hip Hop

5:15-5:45 Miss Caitlin’s Beginner Irish Step 

5:45-6:15pm Miss Caitlin’s Mini Musical Theatre

5:45-6:15pm Mr Ace and Monkey’s Swagga Crew

6:15-6:45pm Miss Brettany’s Mini Hip Hop 

6:15-6:45pm Miss Caitlin’s Intermediate Irish Step 

6:45-7:30pm Miss Brettany’s Intermediate Acro

6:45-7:30pm Miss Shauna’s Combo Ballet and Tap

7:30-8:00pm Miss Brettany’s Senior Hip Hop

Wednesdays (5/6, 5/13 for now):

6:30-7:00pm Miss Stacey’s Cheer and Chant

7:00-7:30pm Miss Morgan’s Senior Musical Theatre

7:00-7:30pm Miss Stacy’s Senior Lyrical

7:30-8:00pm Miss Stacy’s Senior Jazz 

Thursdays (5/7, 5/14 for now):

5:45-6:15pm Miss Meaghan’s Mini Tap

6:15-6:45pm Miss Caitlin’s Mini Musical Theatre

6:45-7:15pm Miss Meaghan’s Junior Musical Theatre

7:15-7:45pm Miss Meaghan’s Junior Hip Hop

7:45-8:15pm Miss Caitlin’s Advanced Irish Step

Fridays (5/8, 5/15 for now):

5:00-5:45pm Miss Brettany’s Training for Tumbling

Saturdays (5/9, 5/16 for now):

9:30-10:00am Miss Shauna’s 2 Year Old Pre Creative Movement

10:00-10:30am Miss Shauna’s 3 Year Old Creative Movement

10:30-11:15am Miss Shauna’s Toddler Tune Time

Company Zoom Schedules:

Mondays (5/4, 5/11 for now):

5:15-5:45pm Acro Jazz

5:45-6:15pm Team 1 Jazz  

5:45-6:15pm Team 2  Character 

6:15-6:45pm Team 1  Contemporary 

6:15-6:45pm Team 2  Contemporary

6:45-7:15pm Performance Technique for Teens/Seniors both Team 1 and 2 

7:15-8:15pm Teen/Senior Technique 

8:15-8:35pm Team 1 Small Lyrical 

Tuesdays (5/5, 5/12 for now):

5:45-6:15pm Mini/Jr Musical Theatre 

6:15-6:45pm Mini/Junior Hip Hop 

6:45-7:15pm Junior Tap 

7:15-7:45pm Senior Tap 

Wednesdays (5/6, 5/13 for now):

4:30-5:00pm Mini Lyrical 

5:00-5:30pm Junior Lyrical 

5:30-6:00pm Mini Jazz 

5:30-6:00pm Junior Jazz 

5:30-6:00pm Team 2 Jazz

6:00-6:30pm Mini/Jr Stretch 

6:00-6:30pm Team 2 Lyrical

6:30-7:00pm Mini/Junior Technique 

6:30-6:50pm Miss Emma’s Small Jazz

6:30-6:50pm Miss Morgan’s Small Jazz 

6:50-7:10pm Miss Emma’s Small Lyrical 

Thursdays (5/7, 5/14 for now):

4:45-5:30pm Production

5:30-6:30pm Ballet

6:30-7:00pm Teen/Senior Musical Theatre 

7:00-7:30pm Teen/Senior Hip Hop 

7:30-8:00pm Team 2 Specialty 

7:30-8:00pm Team 1 Teen/Senior Lyrical

8:00-8:20pm Team 1 Small Jazz 

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Hello Tap to Toe. Thank You for patiently waiting my response on the status of classes and the studio.

After consulting all of my teachers, staff, medical professionals, and heeding to the CDC’s directive not to hold any group activities, Tap to Toe Studio of Dance (the physical location) will be closed from March 16th to March 29th. Though the physical location will be closed our teachers and staff are committed, now more than ever, to providing our students with a quality and comprehensive dance education!  We have already been discussing our options for taking our dance lessons online, which we will do as soon as we can access and learn the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform.  Our recreational students will continue to learn their recital dances and get fun and informative lessons to practice in the comfort of their own home!  Our company students will continue to receive thorough and thoughtful feedback on their choreography and work diligently on our performances as we CONTINUE to prepare for competition!  We will do what gives our hearts happiness, our minds peace, and our bodies nourishment...we will DANCE! 

All currently enrolled students please keep an eye on your email inboxes on Wednesday afternoon as you will be receiving instructions on how to access our online dance lessons!  I am excited to take on this new adventure with my favorite people!  I am excited to have new resources available to our dancers to supplement their in-studio time once we are able to resume regular classes!  And I am excited to make this season one of the best, most memorable, and fulfilling seasons ever! 

In Dance,
Miss Brettany

Invoice Billing

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Massena Studio email: ttsdmassena@gmail.com 

You will receive a reoccurring invoice for you monthly tuition on the 1st of the month and a reminder on the 9th.  You can either pay through the email online or you can still pay your tuition at the studio.  When you pay at the studio you will still get an invoice reminder, you can just ignore the reminder.

Studio Emails

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Massena Studio email: ttsdmassena@gmail.com 

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